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International and practical antitrust compliance training

Ensure antitrust compliance by reducing risks in competition violations, preparing for competition investigations, implementing a robust compliance program, etc. 2 learning experience are available:

Individual training: Competition Compliance Certificate

  • 3 Interactive mentoring sessions with antitrust experts
  • International Community: Connect with experts and mentors in the field
  • Shareable certificate: Certificate delivered by George Washington University Competition Law Center
  • Practical learning content: Videos, 2-pagers, quiz, book chapters and case studies
  • Self-paced learning: 8 weeks, 2 hours of work per week, platform accessible 24/7

Company training: Corporate Antitrust Compliance Training

We propose solutions for companies to ensure antitrust compliance. With this training, your teams (Sales, Executive & Leadership, Operations & Procurement, Human resources, etc.) will know how to identify competition compliance issues, and why it is important to report them.

  • Fundamental knowledge of competition compliance
  • Customized course
  • Practical content on how to reduce risks of competition law breach

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